Corner Welding Machine

AFAB Machinery is a supplier specializing in sheet metal welding and polishing solutions integrating R&D, production and sales.
The practitioner and leader of mechanized and automated grinding of Chinese sheet metal welds. AFAB Machinery is an innovative company with every product. Applied for several patents. In recent years, we have launched the first CG150, CG150S, ACG500, ACG1200 in China. SG150V and CW500 series of sheet metal edge weld automatic grinding machine and fillet welder. The country’s sheet metal grinding process is more efficient, higher quality, lower cost, more environmentally friendly and safe!
Features of the CW500:



1.    Accurate clamping of the mold up and down to ensure accurate welding accuracy. The consistency of the product is good.
2.    Make welding easier and more precise. Reduce dependence on people and reduce costs.
3.    The surface of the weld is smooth, and the number of welds is small, which reduces the subsequent grinding work