Punching Tooling

AFAB offers the biggest comprehensive range of tooling for each major CNC punch press: amada, finnpower, lvd, euromac, rainer, tailift,strippit,murata anobat, haco, pullmax, durma, ermarksan, yawei, yangli, jfy, lfk, trumpf, boschert, imax, salvagnini, strippit

Thin Turret Tooling

Thin Turret,Strippit/Amada Machine 5/8″ A Station (max.size 15.8mm) Drop in type,quick setup Thin Turret,Strippit/Amada Machine 1-1/4″ B Station (max.size 31.7mm) Basic type,compatiable with OEM/S80 Thin Turret,Strippit/Amada Machine 1-1/4″ B Station (max.size 31.7mm) S90 type,compatiable with S90   Thin Turret,Strippit 3-1/2″ D Station (max.size 88.9mm) S90 type,compatiable with S90


Trumpf Tooling

 Standard tooling,include punch,die, stripper77mm punch suitable for new machine74mm punch suitable for old machine   R.I.SYSTEM Replacable insert Insert up to 6.0mm regrinding life Quick set up tooling with keyed insert Parting tool,Special for cutting sizePopular size:5×30, 5×56, 5×76.2Shape: rectangle or micro-joint   PU Slitting type, Urethane part replace metal stripper, with standard die Only for cutting size   Multi-tool, supply MT5,MT10 Punch,die,stripper and holders Fully compatible with OEM parts   Accessories ,Include trumpf cartridge Size 1 to 2 adaptor,die plate,C ring Alignment ring,keys,some tools Include Extrusion,Centerpoint,Emboss,Logo


Thick Turret Tooling

The basic type is fully compatible with OEM  to popular series, Amada standard, Mate original, Wilson metric type. Best economic tooling save big cost. Basic Type is an economy tooling , Durability, Performance, Lower cost with basic function. FAB type is a better tooling,Durability, Performance,Long grinding life,Quick adjust, Compatible with amada punch Grind life Punch:5.0mm, Die: 2.5mm, Exchange with NEX,Quickadjust,Rapidset, No need tools to adjust punch length. FAB 90 type is a best tooling Durability, Performance,Grind life Punch:6.0mm, Die: 2.5mm Exchange with Wilson S90 series Quickly adjust, no need tools to adjust FAB type is a better [...]