About Us

Accura Mechtools Pvt. Ltd is a sales and service provider for the sheet metal industry. We service and provide sales for all sheet metal machinery ranging CNC Turret Punch Press Machine, Fiiber laser Cutting Machine , Press Brake Machine , Sharing Machine, Auto Duct line Machine.

Accura Mechtools has strategic alliance with Vero Software holdings UK. Vero Software is a leading developer of software products servicing the woodworking, stone and metal fabrication industries. Accura Mechtools is authorized reseller of sheet metal solution “Radan Software” from Vero Software.

“Our energy, enthusiasm and commitment to your business make Accura Mechtools a smart choice for all your sales and services requirements”

Our company was incorporated in March 2018. Accura Mechtools is trading and successfully services and assists small and large Sheet metal businesses around India.

Our company’s ability to liaise locally and internationally with sheet metal machine manufacturers and the agencies who sell these machines to you, makes us a smart choice for all your servicing requirements.

Due to our dedication to our customers our company is now able to provide sales of sheet metal machinery and parts, which we feel, will be beneficial to our customers and will provide opportunities to increase productivity in your factory. The link between the sales and service means that you can have the after sales support to maximise your productivity of your initial investment. The efficient service support will cover all technical and maintenance of all your machines components